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Executive Man (Stirling Soap)

Executive Man (Stirling Soap)

Our scent of the month is Executive Man! This soap is inspired by what is known today as the king of all fragrances, Creed Aventus. Creed Aventus if you don't know about it or have been under a rock for many years, has been deemed as the king of all fragrances and rightfully so! 

The Fresh top notes of pineapple, black currant, and apple transitions just blasts you on this opening! If you like citrus then you will love Aventus. The citrus isn't a youthfully one for say, its a sophisticated blast of natural fruits that screams class. After a good 15-20 minutes into your executive man experience, your fragrance will all round out with this nice creamy vanilla base with a hint of birch/oak moss to it. Very powerful and yet refreshing addition to your shave den! Perfect for any situation that requires that CEO in you to run the show! Very versatile scent that can be used day and night, suit or shorts, dress shoes or flip flops! Executive Man rules them all! 


Its a great way to start safe and get something truly anyone will love. We personally like to use the shampoo bars with the matching bath soaps as our daily drivers in our shower routines. On occasion when we shave, we will grab the tub of shave soap and matching aftershave for the full effect. If your a night shaver you will enjoy this soap as well! Its a great scent that isn't over powering or anything that won't annoy you as your sleeping. Please try some out and leave feedback on our product page! 

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